Museums and Heritage

Heritages and Museums– Discover the most visited museums in the world, comes with pictures, and will give you plenty of ideas for top museums to see on your own travels.



The Cirta Museum is a colonial era museum. A unique attraction as the city does not have much of the ancient things to show. The museum contains collections from excavations in the city and closeby Tiddis. With the jumble it showcases, it appears as an old-style cabinet of curiosities. Find some interesting and stunning pieces, such as the seated terracotta figure from a second century BC tomb and the marble burst of a woman recognized as the beauty of Djemila.

The Monument for the dead– Monument aux morts or monument for the dead, just beyond the Sidi Mcid Bridge, and almost at the highest point of the city It was built specifically for the people of Constantine who died fighting for france during the first world war January 1918 , the monument is a copy of the Trajan arch at Timgad ( roman ruins not so far from Constantine) the statue of the winged victory that tops the monument is an enlarged replica of the bronze sculpture in the cirta museum,

The Notre Dame of peace– Close to the monument for the dead and just at eye sight is notre dame of peace. Brought directly from france to Constantine 1960 by the Christians missionaries with the hope of putting Constantine under the protection of the virgin marry which is exactly why it was put at a place where it can be seen from almost everywhere, and when next to it the whole city looks beneath you.


The El Emir Mosque– A piece of art is the least that can be said about this mosque, by far the biggest mosque in algeria and among the biggest in the whole world, with a capacity of over 15000 people, almost 160 and 80 meters width and length. With two minaret of a 120 meter of height and a dome of 20 and 65 meters diameter and height, not to mention the vast yard and garden aside.


The Massinissa Tomb– At 15 km south of contantine lies the tomb of its legendary founder, the great massinissa, a momument that has been lying there for over two millenniums. Massinissa is the first king of eastern Numidia and the first to rule over a united berber civilization, born and died on (238, 148 BC) Massinissa is one of the most important figures ever to Constantine, Algerians and berbers in general.