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Game and Nature – Today, there are nearly 7,000 national parks around the world, … the eye of the beholder, these parks offer the best in magnificent landscapes.

The Djebel Babor National Park– Located within the Djebel Babor Mountains of northern Algeria, the Djebel Babor Nature Reserve consists primarily of Mediterranean conifer and mixed forests, an eco-region found in the high North African mountain ranges, as well as in southern Spain. This unique eco-region is home to the Barbary Macaque, an Old World monkey species which is considered to be endangered, as well as the Atlas Deer, and visitors to the reserve may be fortunate enough to catch sight of one or more of these rare animals.

Chettaba– If you are a camping enthusiast then this is the place for you, barely getting out of Constantine at about 6 km from ain smara, one will be faced with such amazing nature, one fascinating forest, many mountains topped by an old mosque at the very top. If interested in camping and hiking there are two ways, the first one is through ibn ziad and the second is through e djebbas, both way offer an amazing panorama, camping is always an option.