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Football, main stadium is chahid hamlaoui and the team with the biggest fan base is CSC, for more information or to get a ticket, visit the official website, csc and moc represent one of the most important derbies in Algeria, watching such a game is a must if you are around, main teams in the city: CSC: known as CS Constantine or CSC for short, is the oldest Algerian football club not only that but it’s the oldest team in Africa among the oldest in the whole world even legendary teams such as realmadrid were founded way after this ancient club. It was founded in 1898 in Constantine. Their home stadium is Stade Mohamed Hamlaoui. The club currently plays in the Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1, the top tier of Algerian football. MOC: Mouloudia Olympic of Constantine is an Algerian soccer club based in Constantine, founded in 1939 by the reformer Abd al Hamid Ben Badis. The club colors are White and blue. ASK: Association Sportive d’El Khroub is an Algerian football club in the city of El Khroub. Founded in 1927 The team’s stadium is the Stade Abed Hamdani which has a capacity of 8,000 places.

Although traditional Algerian culture does not encourage woman to take part in competitive sports, Algeria has produced a woman champion in track and field, Hassiba Boulmerka. She became Algerians first Olympic gold medalist in 1992 when she won the 1500-meter race in 3 minutes 55.30 seconds. Noureddine Morceli is one of Algeria’s top male track-and-field champions who won a gold medal in 1996 for the 1500-meter race.

CSM Constantine is an Algerian professional basketball team located in Constantine, Algeria. The team currently competes in the Algerian Basketball Championship